MEDCLIC consists of a multidisciplinary team, committed to excellence in science, which contributes to solving the problems faced by society and to spreading the word about their progress.

Numerical modelling and forecasting team


Eva Aguiar

Doctor of physical oceanography, her studies (Degree in Physics and Marine Sciences) meant that first of all she worked on validating ocean models and, subsequently, using observational data. Her work in MEDCLIC focus on validating ocean models, on the one hand, and searching for relationships between ocean dynamics and environmental and atmospheric disturbances, on the other, with the aim of understanding the processes taking place in the ocean better. She is also actively engaged in outreach activities. 

Baptiste Mourre

Doctor of physical oceanography and the SOCIB Modelling Facility’s main researcher. Baptiste has international experience in the fields of coastal oceanography, numerical modelling and data assimilation. He has been a researcher at the NATO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation in La Spezia, Italy, having previously worked as a post-graduate researcher at the Marine Sciences Institute in Barcelona. His work in MEDCLIC relates to the design, implementation and study of real time regional ocean forecasting systems based on integrating multiplatform systems and high resolution hydrodynamic models. 

Joaquín Tintoré

Doctor of Physical Sciences, research professor at CSIC (the Spanish National Research Council), at IMEDEA (Mediterranean Institute of Advanced Studies), and, since December 2008, director of ICTS SOCIB, (Balearic Islands Coastal Observing and Forecasting System). As the director of SOCIB, Joaquín Tintoré focuses his interest and research work on understanding the role of oceans in climate change, sustainable management of seas and oceans and the global health of our oceans. By doing so, he contributes to excellence in fundamental research with an impact on, and relevance for, our society at local and global level.  

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