Beach Monitoring



The SOCIB Beach Monitoring Facility consists of a modular beach integral monitoring system by means of coastal video monitoring techniques, the collection of meteorological and oceanographic data in-situ, thanks to current metres, tide gauges and weather stations located at various key points along the Balearic coast.

This innovative system of real-time data collection is combined with research surveys and a regular program of bathymetric and topographic surveys as well as sediment sampling at different beaches.





Beaches are studied through the observation of their morphological characteristics, which are used to prepare the beach profiles.

These profiles are tools for analysing the state and constant changes which occur in sandy beaches and are useful for the management and recovery of beaches.

Coastal ecosystems are constantly changing due to the action of waves and require continuous observation which is achieved by means of a combination of the latest advances in coastal video monitoring and more traditional techniques such as surveys and sediment collection.



Enables optimum coastal management:

  • Detection of zones with coastal erosion problems 
  • Sustainable urban planning.
  • Assessment of damage after big storms.
  • Detection of environmental problems.

Supports research and education:

  • Allows free access to the data for various coastal research projects to help develop new models or tackle the causes and effects of climate change.
  • Provides information for graduate students. 

Brings science and society closer:

  • Data is displayed via applications accessible to the general public, such as Sea-Board, which provides information about the conditions of the beaches.

Aids beach safety:

  • Detection of hazardous areas for swimmers or vessels, such as rip currents.

Useful for recreational activities taking place on the beach:

  • Provides information about the beach conditions to tourists
  • Offers real time data about the weather and sea state for those taking part in water sports (sailing, surfing, ...)