The MEDCLIC KIDS APP is an educational app designed to introduce little ones to the world of marine science by playing, developed by the Balearic Islands Coastal Observing and Forecasting System (SOCIB) within the framework of the “MEDCLIC: The Mediterranean in one click” project in collaboration with “la Caixa” Foundation.

APP MEDCLIC KIDS is free-of-charge and ad-free. It has an oceanography-related interactive screen, puzzles, and memory and vocabulary games. In MEDCLIC KIDS APP, Glidey is a friendly, yellow underwater glider who explains to us how marine technologies help us to get to know about and conserve our seas.


I like it! How can I play?

Click and download the free game at: 


Interactive screen:

Click on the objects appearing on the interactive screen and learn their names and what they're used for.  You can also go to the games from here by clicking on the icons on the top right of the screen.


Puzzle icon: go to the game. 
Question mark icon: go to the vocabulary game.
Cards icon: go to the memory game.
Exclamation marks icon: click on it if you want Glidey to tell you more about his adventures.
Letter "A" icon: you can change the typeface for reading the texts describing the oceanographic instruments that Glidey shows you.  We've included capital letters, because we know the little ones are learning to read.

Apart from the main screen, the App has 3 games and 2 levels of difficulty.  They are all designed to improve memory and attention while also introducing young players to the world of oceanography.


PUZZLE: a game which boosts fine psycho-motor skills (2 levels of difficulty).
FIND IT!: a game to build vocabulary and comprehension (2 levels of difficulty).
MEMORY: a game which helps as a memory trainer (2 levels of difficulty and two game modes for up to 4 players). If you think it's too difficult, click the float icon!!


Change the language (Spanish, Catalan or English) on start screen.


Discover more about oceanography! Download it free​