SOCIB participates at the “VI Conference on Teaching Physics and Chemistry"


On 22, 23 and 24 October 2015, took place the “VI Conference on Teaching  Physics and Chemistry” at  CosmoCaixa in Barcelona. The aim of this conference was to promote science in context and provide educational resources for science education from contexts like the light, the sea, the greenhouse effect, volcanoes, food, forensics, chemical reactions, etc. 

Dr. Joaquín Tintoré, presented the work of ICTS SOCIB,  in a presentation "Marine technology: the Mediterranean at one click". Paying special attention to obtaining  ocean data which contribute to increase the scientific knowledge and progress towards a coastal management and oceans based on science and the commitment to new marine technologies. SOCIB Director made special mention to SOCIB bet by the didactic and methodological proposals for the classroom, through educational programs such as Follow the glider (link) and Medclic (link to the news of the signing ). Both projects are committed to innovation in science education through data SOCIB presenting a wide range of practical activities to better understand our seas and oceans.

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