The ETD department at SOCIB: team work to guarantee scientific excellence and technological development


Hi, I am Carlos Castilla, a Marine Sciences graduate and a technician of Oceanographic instruments at SOCIB.  I work in the Engineering and Technological Development department (ETD) which has the objective of providing support for the Observation Infrastructures and promoting the development of new technologies.

This means that together with my ETD colleagues we are in charge of installing and maintaining all of the equipment the scientists need to collect oceanographic data and carry out their research, both on land and underwater.  This involves working with ocean buoys used to monitor the physical variables of seawater, installing Doppler current metres used to study marine currents, fitting and maintaining tide gauges which are used to register the rise and fall of sea levels, operating echo-sounders to produce profiles of the seabed, installing weather stations or providing support for the launch and collection of the underwater gliders, etc.  We are also responsible for all of the SOCIB work vehicles being in good working order should they be required for any rapid intervention, such as the rescue of a damaged glider, or the repair of one of the SOCIB stations deployed around the Balearics.

When we are undertaking a survey on board the SOCIB Oceanographic vessel, I work as a technician for the CTD-rosette, as well as anything else that may be required: help taking biological samples o filtering water samples, calibrating instruments, launching buoys and what I try hardest to do is finish ALL the food the cook puts on the table!  Joking apart, the ETD work is very tough and it requires a lot of energy to take on the field work, since our tasks are varied and include anything from diving to install an underwater sensor to repairing a broken antenna after a storm.  We are responsible for the smooth operation of all the instruments to guarantee the mission is a success.


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